Hometown Heroes: Spotlighting Local Exhibitors at Face & Body Midwest 2017


Face & Body Midwest 2017 is comprised of 110 exhibitors, and 21 of them are from the eight-state Midwest region. Skin Inc. was happy to catch up with some of our Hometown Heroes—local vendors who are proud to be from the Midwest and share their excitement with this year’s attendees. Let’s see what they have to say!

Lynn Maestro, Cirépil/Perron Rigot Inc. (Des Plaines, Ill.)

Professional Wax Products

Booth 1322

“We are so excited to see all of our fans. We have such a strong following and such a strong network of pros in the tri-state area, so it’s just always wonderful to see them again and hear about their successes.

“We’re super excited about meeting the new attendees coming in the medical esthetic arena. Doctors and nurses have been following our brand for quite a number of years through Face & Body; however, it’s always great to find new professionals that really want to get on board with us and let us help them start their businesses.”

New this year: Wax demonstrations in the booth

Fun fact: Attendees of the Perron Rigot supplier class will have the chance to win two gift baskets full of Cirépil products.

Elizabeth Coglianese, Janssen Cosmetics (Lombard, Ill.)

Skin Care Products

Booth 1403

What are you most excited about at Face & Body Midwest this year? “[It’s a] learning experience for me! Interacting and learning about my customers and potential customers unique business needs and wants.”

New this year: The Platinum Care Collection of skin care products

Fun fact: Ulrich Janssen, managing director and son of company founders Elka and Walther Janssen, will be traveling from Germany to attend Face & Body Midwest!

Cynthia Kasper, Alter Ego Body Care Products (Madison, Wis.)

Nail polish

Booth 731

“Us indies do things a tad—and maybe a whole lot—differently than mainstream makers do. We aren’t producing gallons in a vat at a time; we are producing ounces. When you contact an indie, you aren’t getting some vague call center who only has an inkling of what is done to accomplish that end product, you are actually communicating with the person who, from start to finish, oversaw the entire process of creating that product. Aside from blowing our own glass—and we wish we could—we do it all! Every indie I know, no matter what the end product is, pours their heart, soul, sweat and concern to produce the best product we can make.”

New this year: This is Alter Ego’s first time at Face & Body Midwest

Fun fact: Kasper was born and raised in Rolling Meadows, Ill. and still has family in the area. While nail polish is at the heart of her company, Kasper also makes body products.

Irina Mark, Caviar of Switzerland/Belle Côte Paris (Glenview, Ill.)

Booth 1411

"We are expecting this show to be very special! We are excited about its new convenient location and the fact that there will be more skin care-focused professionals represented. We are hoping our current clients come out for the show and give us the opportunity to re-engage them and show them something new. We are also looking to forward to meeting new potential customers, and visiting with colleagues to share best practices."

New this year: New products and treatments, with a focus on millennials (fast, effective, one-stop-shop approach).

Fun fact:"With our warehouse being located in the Chicago Metro Area we offer full, end-to-end client support, including on-site training and facial demonstrations to our clients in Northern Illinois."

The exhibition hall will be open Sunday, January 22 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Monday, January 23, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

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