Do Spa Guests in 2060 Dream of Longevity Treatments?


The year is 2060. There still aren't flying cars, teleportation devices or hover boards; however, there are state-of-the-art hotel spas that offer DNA analysis, dream wellness treatments and DNA mobile payments.  

In a recent report, and James Canton, Ph.D., of The Institute for Global Futures, highlighted some of the possible hotel spa trends for the far, far future of 2060. 

DNA: The Key to Customized Treatments

According to the report, hotel spas will still primarily focus on wellness and promoting longevity. Outside of traditional modern treatments, like facials and massages, spa professionals will use DNA analysis to personalize treatments and design programs to enhance health. In addition, these DNA analyses will help clients understand any future health risks that they might face.

Sleep Matters 

In addition to improved spa treatments, there will be services to improve the quality of sleep using neuro-technology. Hotel spas will give guests access to technology that will help program their dreams.  

Despite this all seeming to be a far-fetched fantasy, some of these trends are already being explored. Currently, there are plenty of wellness apps and technologies to improve guests' lives. DNA testing is also increasingly being used to perfect skin treatments. 

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