Skin Care Professional—Among Top Jobs Not Requiring a Four-Year Degree


At this time every year, many new high school graduates enter the working world with no intention of earning a college degree. Yet the lack of a four-year degree doesn't mean a rewarding career isn't possible, says a new report from CareerCast, Great Jobs Without a College Degree. In the report, CareerCast identifies many careers where you can earn a good living with just a high school education and some additional training, including web developer, paralegal assistant, skin care specialist, bookkeeper and plumber.

“As the job market slowly improves, opportunities for high school graduates and those with post-high school training are increasing steadily,” says Tony Lee, publisher, “Trade vocations are vital to the United States’ ongoing economic recovery, particularly with renewed emphasis on the manufacturing sector. Some top career paths do not require a college degree, including automobile body repairer and glazier.”

Self-employment can also open door to those without degrees, whether you are freelancing or operating your own business. For example, the information technology field is offering the tech-savvy a promising future. Web developers are in high demand and job seekers are gravitating to the field each year even without a specialized degree.’s best jobs that don't require a four-year degree:

  • Administrative/executive assistant
    Median Salary: $34,660
    Outlook: +12%

  • Automobile body repairer
    Median Salary: $34,660
    Outlook: +17%

  • Bookkeeper
    Median Salary: $34,040
    Outlook: +14%

  • Communications equipment mechanic
    Median Salary: $54,710
    Outlook: +15%

  • Electrician
    Median Salary: $48,250
    Outlook: +23%

  • Glazier
    Median Salary: $36,640
    Outlook: +42%

  • Hair stylist
    Median Salary: $22,500
    Outlook: +14%

  • Industrial machine repairer
    Median Salary: $44,160
    Outlook: +19%

  • Paralegal assistant
    Median Salary: $46,680
    Outlook: +18%

  • Pest control worker
    Median Salary: $30,340
    Outlook: +24%

  • Plumber
    Median Salary: $46,660
    Outlook: +26%

  • Receptionist
    Median Salary: $ 25,240
    Outlook: +24%

  • Skin care specialist
    Jobs Rated Rank: 43
    Median Salary: $28,920
    Outlook: +25%

  • Web developer
    Median Salary: $75,660
    Outlook: +22%

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