10 Skin Tips from Facialists

Woman getting facial mask at spa studio
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Well+Good put together a list of facialist tips for better skin. Many of these items are probably already part of client recommendations, but perhaps some are new and could help you and your client achieve healthier skin. There are a lot of factors that go into good skin care, but proper lifestyle choices should be part of them.

  1. Drink green juice everyday.

  2. Take off makeup every night.

  3. Take probiotics to help digestion, while avoiding inflammatory foods like dairy and gluten.

  4. Increase elderberry intake. It is known to protect from sun damage and cell mutation.

  5. Do not work out in makeup.

  6. Do not fall behind on sleep.

  7. Do not skip the toner. Those who do tend to have more congestion and larger pores.

  8. Start with an antioxidant serum.

  9. Exfoliate with scrubs containing jojoba beads.

  10. Always use sun protection.

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