Move Over Loyalty Programs—Spa Subscriptions are Here


The subscription box industry has taken the retail industry by storm. Buyers can sign up to receive curated boxes of most anything each week, or more commonly, each month—delivered directly to their front door.

Beauty brands were one of the first to jump on the bandwagon—Birchbox taking the lead. Birchbox was created to help consumers cut through retail clutter to find products that work for them, and has shipped more than 5 million Birchboxes since September 2010. Its global subscriber base is more than 400,000 people.

The beauty industry is now moving past simple beauty products in subscription boxes to subscriptions to actual beauty treatments.

Spas and salons are now offering subscription membership services for its clients to make taking care of their skin and wellness a priority that they don't even have to think about.

Case study: Heyday

Heyday in New York City was created to help clients easily build a skin care routine. On their website they state: "The benefits of regular facials for our skin's well-being are clear. Yet, we were amazed by how challenging it was to make facials a consistent part of our lives."

A Heyday Membership

While clients can purchases packages of facial treatments, which is not a new concept, Heyday also offers three options for memberships with add-ons or products up for purchase at reduced prices.

  • 1. The Alternating Monthly: A comprehensive 50-minute facial one month and a 30-minute facial the next for $74 per month.
  • 2. The Monthly 50 Minute: A 50-minute facial every month to reset and refresh skin for $89 per month.
  • 3. The Double Monthly: Both a comprehensive 50-minute facial and a quicker 30-minute refresh each month for $139 per month.

One of the biggest challenges skin care professionals have is convincing clients that skin care is a priority, not a luxury. Regularly getting them back in the treatment room can be a battle. A monthly subscription membership is a brilliant solution for that problem.


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