How to Stay Booked 100% of the Time


Building and retaining a client base is perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing estheticians today. During the advanced education session at Face & Body Southeast, Paige Thompson, a licensed esthetician and the owner and founder of Beauty Industry Success and Clarity Skin Solutions, shared her tips and tricks for always staying booked.

Thompson broke her method up into four simple, yet effective techniques.

The Law of Attraction

Thompson approaches her spa business with the mentality "we attract what we give off." She encouraged the attendees in her class to specifically focus on their daily habits and knowing their niche. 

Daily Habits

  • Focus on your personal development, not just your skill development. The client wants to invest in a relationship with you, not just your skills. 
  • Present yourself in a professional manner, including how you dress and how you talk.
  • Use your downtime wisely by reading trade articles or watching a webinar, anything to keep you in that mindset. 
  • Step outside your comfort zone and perfect your "elevator pitch" to attract potential clients and get involved in your community. 

Know Your Niche

  • Seek out your perfect client and work towards obtaining those who fit into that demographic.
  • Hone in on your perfected technique (lash extensions, brows, etc.) and be the go-to esthetician for that service. 
  • Always remember that your daily services should be quality over quantity.
  • Discount services = discount clients. If a client is used to paying for services at the discounted price, it is going to be hard to get them to pay full price. 

Client Care 101

  • Know what you offer when it comes to products and services.
  • Make professional recommendations and treatment plans. 
  • Stay up-to-date and educated on treatments, especially trending ones often seen on social media. 
  • Go the extra mile for your clients: Have a clean facility; listen to the client's needs; make sure scheduling is easy; send appointment reminders to your clients; and be dependable and flexible. 

The Follow Up

  • The client selected you to care for their skin, tell them how much you appreciate that. Send a handwritten note—blue ink is said to be perceived as thoughtful. 
  • Follow up on new services, new products, product refills, results after a treatment and concerns the client may have expressed during their visit. 

Make it Personal

  • Take detailed client notes, including when their birthday/anniversary is or any big life events that may be happening. 
  • Remember the 80/20 Rule: The client talks 80% of the time, you talk 20%. 
  • Stay professional. Always remember to put your business first, be their friend second.
  • Ask for referrals and/or testimonials. 
  • Offer rewards, including discounts for birthdays, referrals or frequent purchases. 
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