Trending: Semi-Permanent Nail Tattoos


Permanent makeup technique such as microblading are seeing a surge in the industry, but what is next for the needle? Some may say the nail, with nail tattoos growing in popularity. To understand more about this trend, Skin Inc. talked with Ambie Stapleton and Christian Boyd, co-founders of Needle Nails.

The new business has only been around for three months, but it has been making quite the stir amongst tattoo trends. "I am not sure [nail tattooing] is a trend, but I think it is fascinating and something that hasn't previously received a lot of press," explained Stapleton as we dove further into her and Boyd's inspiration for Needle Nails. 

Understanding Nail Tattoos

When asked whether they found nail tattoos to fall into their own realm or more along the lines of permanent makeup, both agreed that it was definitely its own realm. Boyd dove further into the topic saying "Permanent makeup is just that. Nail tattoos are only semi-permanent, due to the fact that once your nail grows out, the piece itself is not longer present." 

When receiving a nail tattoo, the artist will penetrate the top layer of the nail. While this may sound excruciatingly painful, it actually does not hurt at all according to Stapleton. Boyd and Stapleton also emphasized that the tattoos should be performed on clean natural nails, but can be painted over with a clear polish after the tattoo is complete.

All About That Ink

Nail tattoos cannot be performed at a regular nail salon, and a tattoo gun is used in the process of applying it. Boyd, who is also the tattoo artist in the operation, specified that he used Intenze Ink, which is organic. "I use Intenze because I personally respect the utilization of organic substances, specifically in the direct use of them on people," Boyd explained. 

Typically, these tattoos are more for decoration of the nail, and Boyd further explains that since the nail is typically the fairest color on people, a range of colors can be used when creating the desired designs. "Black has been the primary color for our esthetic. It is minimal and provides for a smoother transition during events," Boyd finished. 

The possibilities really seem endless with the different colors and designs you can get tatooed on your nails. If it isn't a trend now, it might quickly grow into one. 

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