4 At-Home Wellness Treatments for Clients


Maintenance between spa sessions is important to achieve the best results. With wellness becoming more and more popular, providing your clients with some wellness based at-home tips could be highly beneficial.

The World Health Organization recently explained how the number-once cause of poor health and disability is depression, which is commonly caused by anxiety.1 Use these five tips to give your client's the best opportunity to fight wellness and look and feel their best. 

1. Aroma Preparation

Provide your client's with some tips on understanding aromatherapy and essential oils to help them with their different stressors or wellness concerns. 

2. Back to Basics

Make your client's at home spa day easy. Have them prepare a warm, soothing bath for themselves, where they can use essential oils, bath bombs, bath salts or all of the above. They could also apply a face mask, and give themselves some time to just soak in the bath letting the aromatherapy relax them.

3. It's All in the Mind

Encourage your client's to practice guided meditation or yoga. The goal here is to have them start partaking in an activity that will allow them to breathe deeply. These mindful activities allows the body to enhance its capacity for deep sleep while boosting the immune system, and can really benefit a client when they do it in the morning because their stress levels will be the highest.1

4. Body Benefits

 Taking care of your body through nutrition is another important part of wellness to help client's feel good as well as improve their skin. One of the ways to work toward this is to partake in nutriceuticals as well as a healthy diet and exercise. 


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