10 Beauty Hacks Your Clients Might Be Trying


When it comes to beauty and skin care, cutting corners can have costly results. Beauty hacks are great, but some of them can do more harm than good. With input from dermatologists, a recent article in Popsugar addressed 10 “hacks” beauty lovers are trying at home—without realizing the potential dangers of doing so. Be knowledgeable about these hacks to help steer clients away from them, or be prepared to address them in your treatment room.

1. Citrus Deodorant

Using high-acid fruits, such as lemon and lime, have been recommended to lighten and deodorize the under-arm area. The citruses have properties that can cause irritation.

2. Sugared Tomato Face Scrub

DIYers are halving a tomato and covering it in sugar to scrub the face. While the citric acid in the tomatoes can help with acne, sugar can cause microbrasions and irritation.

3. Antiperspirant Primer

The ingredients in antiperspirant can be both irritating and drying to the face.

4. Cornstarch Setting Powder

Cornstarch can cause yeast overgrowth, resulting in bumps and rashes.

5. Potato Skin Brightener

This hack involves brightening the skin with potato peels and olive oil. Peels do contain mild bleaching agents and anti-inflammatory properties, and can help de-puff and brighten. The risk is in the removal process, which the olive oil helps to mitigate—but clients should probably skip this one in favor of a goof-proof brightening sheet mask.

5. Flossing the Pores

Yikes! Takers of this trend are using dental floss picks to clear out clogged pores. The rewards are far lower than the risks on this one, which can cause infections and skin injuries, and potentially enlarge pores in the long run.

7. Lemon/Salt Scalp Treatment

DIY dandruff fighting with a lemon and salt solution is both drying and can lead to irritation.

8. Mouthwash DIY Dandruff

Similar to lemon and salt, while mouthwash is an antifungal, it can also dry out and irritate the scalp.

9. Glue Blackhead Remover

We know you are cringing on this one. This one can cause micro skin injuries.

10. Baking Soda Exfoliator

DIYers are combining baking soda and lemon for an at-home exfoliator. This dangerous duo can cause sever burning.

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