Clients Want Healthy Not Younger Skin


Skin care consumers are more interested in the health benefits of products than simply looking younger or more attractive, according to a recent report.

In a Lycored survey, 480 consumers in France and the UK were asked why they use skin care products. The report concluded that only 14% said that they used skin care products to look younger, and 18% said they used them to look more attractive. This is in contrast to 79% of people that responded with “to keep their skin healthy” and 62% that said they used products “to feel good about themselves.”

“The global skin care market is in the midst of a revolution. There has been a major shift from appearance to health, and from outside to inside. Consumers understand that beauty comes from within and that healthy skin is about what you put into your body. Because of these changing perceptions, the ingestible skin care category is increasingly important,” said Zev Ziegler, vice president of brand and marketing at Lycored.

In addition, the report looked at what influenced consumer when it came to choosing a skin care product. Among the two main factors that influenced purchases were affordability and ingredients used in it. Of the people surveyed, 64% said affordability was a major factor, and 56% said that natural ingredients influenced their purchase.

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