3 Skin Care Steps Clients Should Never Skip

3 skin care steps

MBG Lifestyle spoke with a licensed esthetician and dermatologists to curate three steps clients should always be taking when it comes to skin care. 

1. Focus on the inside out

Research has shown that foods like diary and sugar can impact acne, showing a correlation between diet and adult acne. So, it makes sense that feeding your body nutrients will show a positive effect on skin. 

MBG recommends supplements with ingredients such as nicotinamide riboside, rhodiola, phytoceramides, and astaxanthin. 

Board-certified dermatologist Keira Barr, M.D. said, "As a holistic dermatologist, first and foremost, I believe that skin care goes from the inside out. Therefore, I'm a big believer in supplements. Sure, it'd be great if we could get all the nutrients we need from our diet, but, unfortunately, we can't, and it's unrealistic to expect us to."

2. Sunscreen

SPF should be applied daily, even its it's snowing. This will help prevent numerous issues down the road, from sun spots to wrinkles and even skin cancer. 

"Mineral sunscreen ingredients zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide sit on top of the skin to scatter and deflect UV rays, physically blocking them from penetrating the skin, so make sure to apply these products last," says board-certified dermatologist Hadley King, M.D. 

3. Wash every night

If your client will only wash their face once a day, have it be at night rather than in the morning. Night time cleansing removes dirt and pollution that builds up during the day. Plus, washing your face before bed keeps pillows cleaner and will in turn keep skin cleaner. 

Celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas previously told MBG, "Your skin must be clean before bed, so you can repair the skin overnight and not break out more."

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