Revealed: The Most Searched For Men's Grooming Questions

dreamstime_m_121162457nt has revealed the most searched for male grooming questions of 2020.

The male grooming questions with the biggest increase in 2020 include:

How fast does male hair grow +529%

Best hair and beard trimmers +511%

How to shave down there +230%

How long does it take to grow out a man bun +200%

Best skincare for men +175%

How to shave your face +156%

How to grow your beard longer +140%

How to grow your hair out long +133%

Nice aftershave for men +129%

The study also revealed the top ten most searched for terms, lockdown-influenced searches and trend-focused searches for 2020.

Click HERE to find the full piece, including expert commentary from Skincare Shaun.

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