Brow Lamination Becomes 2020's Eyebrow Trend


Brows can make a huge difference to someone's appearance, which is why it's not too surprising that another brow trend has emerged. Brow lamination may not be "new" in terms of spa treatment offerings, but it is growing rapidly in popularity among clients.

Brow lamination allows for people to achieve a, for lack of better word, hairier looking brow that is more defined and full. While the service originated in 2019, it has been deemed the brow trend of 2020.

The Laminated Brow Look

When it comes to brow lamination most spas will market "fuller and better shaped brows." for this service.1 Another way that brow lamination is described as full and shiny brows.2 The key denominator between these two descriptions is the emphasis on full brows, which a lot of clients are looking for to make up for their days of over plucking. 

The actual process of laminating brows uses a chemical to pull and straighten the hairs upwards, which in turn creates a fuller and more defined brow. There are three stages to the brow lamination service.

Stage 1. The chemical is applied to the brows to lift and straighten the hairs. A styling lotion is applied to separate the bonds between the keratin clusters and make it easier to mold the brow into a new shape. This is followed by a fixing lotion to get the hairs into a new shape.

Stage 2. A tint is used to create a fuller looking brow. Note: This stage is optional depending on the client. 

Stage 3. The brow is shaped using thread (or tweezers).3

The Demand for Brow Lamination

Another way to think about brow lamination is essentially like a perm, but for the brows. As of January 2020 brow lamination services surged 2,500%.1 This trend truly began on social media, specifically Instagram with many influencers boasting about their fluffy brows due to the brow lamination service. 

Katya Dmitrenco, square merchant who runs KD Brows, stated in an interview with MarketWatch that "Brow lamination is the cheaper, less permanent cousin to microblading...the drive for this service comes from people looking for an affordable way to get full brows."1

Some of the biggest states that are seeing a demand for this as well as fueling the trend include: California, New York, Texas, Florida and Washington. There have even been cases of spas seeing their microblading services hold steady as lamination services gain more traction.1


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