Why Good Service is Killing Your Business


Kicking off the first day of Skin Inc.'s Face & Body Midwest 2019, keynote speaker and hospitality expert Anna Dolce spoke to event attendees during her session "Good Service is Killing Your Business." 

Dolce explained that while excellent service is vital for good business (and what every client pays for) when employees are concerned solely with providing top-of-the-line service, the human aspect is often placed on the back burner. 

Service, Dolce said, is the skill while hospitality is the spirit—and what will drastically change how clients feel about your business. 

3 Main Ingredients of Hospitality 

  1. Empathy: The practice of accepting others' perspectives as their truths. Customers are not always right, but they have a right not to feel wrong. 
  2. Generosity: Being generous with clients doesn't mean free products or services. Rather, it focuses on assuming the best about them and their current situation.
  3. Presence: To be where you are and give all of your efforts and attention. 

Dolce added you cannot implement or train hospitality, but you can hire for it. Empathy, generosity and presence are not things that can be faked. 

Employees at a spa's front desk are the most important when it comes to showing hospitality to new and returning clients. 

Dolce concluded by saying, "Heading into the next economy, only the human element is left. What we need is to touch hearts and acknowledge each other's humanity." 

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