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Listen up esties! Here is what’s buzzing in the spa industry.

What You Should Know

Sugaring is a hair removal method that uses natural paste to gently remove hair from the root. Instead of using wax and strips of clothes for removal, sugar paste is applied directly to the skin. Because the follicle is removed at the root, there is less overall hair growth over time. The paste is typically made up of ingredients like sugar, water or lemon.

Skin Care Benefits

Sugaring protects the top layer of skin by not destroying live skin cells and removing hair directly from the root. This form of hair removal is especially beneficial for clients with ingrown or curly hair. This method is more gentle compared to traditional wax, making the process often less painful for clients. The act of frequent sugaring can lead to less hair growth in sugared areas.


  1. Always thoroughly cleanse the skin before the application of the sugar paste.
  2. Pull paste in the direction of hair growth when removing.
  3. Recommend exfoliation 24 hours post-sugaring to prevent ingrown hairs.

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