Radio Stars

Skin Inc. magazine editor in chief Melinda Taschetta-Millane was a guest on World Talk Radio’s Skin Health TODAY program recently, discuss trends in spa treatments and products with the show’s host, Celeste Hilling.

Skin Health TODAY is an Internet radio talk show that lets listeners take charge and start making smart choices for a lifetime of radiant skin and positive self-image. Created to combine knowledgeable information with fun and interactive discussions, the show brings together leading experts to help listening consumers navigate the myths and common misconceptions about skin and beauty.

On the show, Taschetta-Millane joined the show’s panel for the program titled "Facial Masks: Hype or Help?," answering questions on facial treatments and ingredients, trends in the spa industry and the best ways to take part in a rejuvenating spa service. Log on to to listen in on the archived presentation, and check out for more information on the show.

Every episode of Skin Health TODAY is available for listening anytime by clicking on the LISTEN NOW link at or by subscribing to the Skin Health TODAY Podcast on iTunes and listening to the broadcast anywhere on your iPod.

Also, Rachel Grabenhofer, the senior editor of Skin Inc. magazine's sister publication, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine, is going to appear this Thursday talking about the preservation of skin care products.

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