10 Reasons Why Lash and Brow Serums are Growing


The eyes may be considered to be the billboards of our bodies, and it is only natural that women put much consideration into making this area appear more youthful and impactful. As human beings make eye contact for communication, the eye area receives particular attention and a great deal of performance time by default.

The majority of women across America, 65% in fact, apply mascara as part of their make-up regimen to create lush and thicker-looking lashes. Lash primers, eye-liners, eye shadows, brow gels, brow pencils and eye creams have also become staple items in women's cosmetic bags. And the latest addition to this ensemble of principal eye cosmetics are lash and brow serums. Here are 10 reasons why women are making lash and brow serums eye cosmetic must-haves.

#1 Lash/Brow Nourishment

Just as we treat our scalp hair with enriched shampoos, conditioners and our face and body with vitamin skin creams, the lash and brow hair require fortifying treatments as well. Lash and brow regimens are no longer being overlooked. In fact, nourishing these prominent features is now being viewed as fundamental for supporting healthier-appearing lashes and brows.

#2 Mascara Can Be Drying

Wearing mascara, especially waterproof mascara, can be very drying and may contribute to dehydrated-looking lashes. Hydrating ingredients like panthenol in lash serums help seal in moisture of the lash hair, improving the overall appearance.

#3 False Lashes Gone Bad

Women who are playing with the multitude of fanciful false lash products available in the marketplace today may remove them improperly and rip out their natural lash line or cause irritation to their lash line. Lash serums often incorporate ingredients like comfrey plant that help soothe and calm the delicate skin of the lash line.

#4 Environmental Factors

UV Rays, wind, cold and dry weather wreak havoc on lash and brow hair. Polypeptides, amino acids and biotin in some lash serums are essential factors in protecting against breakage and supporting more youthful-looking appearance of lashes and brows through all weather and seasons.

#5 Curl It Up

Curling the lashes is the quickest and easiest way to make them look fuller and more glamorous. 

#6 Au Natural Option

When heat and sweat may be melting cosmetics applied to the face in the summer, women may choose to go without makeup. Lash and brow serums enhance the overall appearance of the natural lash and brow hair so that women can feel confident if they decide to skip their eye makeup application. Additionally, the formulations help ameliorate the look of damage done to lash and brow hair caused by sun, salt and chlorine.

#7 Beef Up Before Lash Extensions

Some lash serums can be used in conjunction with lash extension services. Technicians will often recommend them to a client several weeks before a lash extension service is performed to help fortify the client's natural lash. A durable natural lash base will help yield a successful lash extension.

#8 Embrace the Bold Brow Trend

Brow serums are suitable to use in between brow shaping, threading or brow extension services to help keep brows denser-looking and en vogue with the bold brow trend. Ingredients such as keratin and sweet almond extract help add shine, sheen and softness to brow hair.

#9 Don't Despair

Age, stress, hormonal shifts, sickness, poor diet, compromised immune systems, etc. all contribute to lack-luster lashes and brows. Lash and brow serum formulations help improve sub-standard looking lashes and brows into motion-picture actress velvety fringe.

#10 It’s A Partnership

Women enjoy applying their eye makeup more after using lash and brow serums. These formulations provide outstanding looking-lashes and brows, and women are having a party embellishing them further with the eye makeup essentials found in their cosmetic bags.

Nicole Pigott is the brand manager for Rocasuba, Inc., the official distributor of RapidLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum in the U.S. and Canada.

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