The Face & Body Midwest Top 10

At the recent Face & Body Midwest 2012 in Chicago, I had the opportunity to meet and network with some phenomenal attendees, as well as work alongside some of the industry’s top professionals during the Advanced Education Conference Program.

It’s exciting to come back from the conference and expo with this list of hot industry trends that are affecting the way you and your colleagues are doing business. Following is the list of top 10 hot industry topics that had people buzzing, reflecting the state of the skin care industry today.

  • Social media and technology—the role they play in your business.
  • Providing makeup and brows as an add-on service.
  • Defining your spa culture.
  • What USDA organic means to you and your clients.
  • Understanding stem cells.
  • How to use C-corporations as a business advantage.
  • Educating the client.
  • Being active in industry regulation.
  • Offering results-oriented and whole body wellness-based products and services.
  • Marketing male and female intimate waxing treatments.

Kernels of knowledge

In closing, I’d like to share with you some kernels of knowledge gleaned from the Conference Program.

On branding: “You will move toward what you focus on.”

—Deedee Crossett, San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology

On retailing makeup: “Get more out of each client. For example: If you offer four makeup lessons/applications per week at $55 each, that will result in $11,440+ per year in additional income.”

—Donna Mee, Donna Mee Inc.

On reaching men: “You need to have a website to reach male clients—and a separate section on that site specifically for them. You must make them feel welcome.”

—Andy Rouillard, Cirepil & Escential Perron Rigot/IBSG LLC

On team education: “It’s crucial to educate your staff. If you bring in new products and treatments, you must do this to ensure you are setting yourself up for success.”

—Tracy Drumm, IF Marketing

On the science of aging: “The bottom line of aging: Chronic (daily) invisible (subclinical) inflammation sustained over a lifetime is the underlying cause of aging. This means aging can be slowed and some forms may even be prevented.”

—Michael Q. Pugliese,

Circadia by Dr. Pugliese

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