Canvas Recruit Wants to Up Your Hiring Game

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Canvas Recruit, a platform for recruiting, education and networking within the beauty industry, has launched.

The multi-functional platform connects beauty professionals and students with business owners and managers looking to hire. It also offers owners and managers tools to make better hiring decisions for their culture and needs, thereby increasing retention.

Owners and managers can browse based on filters and business requirements; the platform also matches them with professionals that fit their requirements and business needs, such as applicants with a strong client base or excellent retail skills. They can also post job listings and network with industry leaders.

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For students and professionals, Canvas Recruit allows for the creation of a digital resume, and a chance to network and collaborate with other professionals.

“Our purpose and goals are to empower and inspire beauty professionals everywhere to find the best career opportunities; to gift professionals with content that will better their careers and enhance their craft and to make professional business connections that create career opportunities for beauty professionals all around the world,” said co-founder Jen Martinelli. “I wholeheartedly understand what it’s like to be in a role that doesn’t resonate with the core essence of who you are and so this purpose, this platform, is truly from a place in my heart. We want to help … Find. Your. People.”

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