Add Joy Into Your Business to Get it Booming


Dawn Kaiser opened up this years Face & Body discussing how to bring joy into your business, and how that joy will actually make you more money. Kaiser is a certified HR professional as well as an author, and she happily calls herself a joy refueler. These are her two key tips on how to boost business, and more importantly, joy in your life.

Key 1: Emotions are Contagious

How do you make sure that joy is contagious?

This main question is what fuels the first key point that Kaiser gets into. She explains how people come to spa professionals wanting to feel joy. They want to de-stress, relax and ultimately leave on a more positive, joyful note. 

What is important for the spa professional to make sure that they do is keep their attitude in check. Be honest with yourself. While you may say you are the most joyful person in your spa, ask yourself is that really true, and ask yourself how others might be seeing you. It's important to genuinely smile and keep yourself bouncing back when you might not be having the best day. Ultimately, people want to be around and be a part of other people who are joyful, so make sure that is what you are bringing to your business to get a full return on your clients.

Key 2: Joy Comes From Within

Use the acronym H.E.A.R.T when approaching this concept.

Kaiser went into the acronym H.E.A.R.T, and how each business needs to adopt this concept to better their business.

H: Harness the Power of Gratitude

  • How aware are you of what you're saying?
  • How are you treating others and customers?
  • Customers want positivity, so if you are positive, it will draw them in and keep them wanting to come back to you. They will want to feel your positivity again and again.

E: Empower Moments of Giving

  • What is your signature service?
  • Provide joy in your business by: smiling genuinely, be there on time, call them by name, recall a personal story you shared with them, among other ways that you can provide a personalized, joyous moment with your client. 
  • Clients love to know that you give back to more than yourself too, so become involved in ways that you can give back and spread your joy further.

A: Appreciate Peoples' Gifts

  • People want to be seen for who they are, so you need to see your clients for what their "super powers" are.
  • Personalize an experience for them, and make it specific. Do this regularly, and it will make for a meaningful experience they will want to come back for.

R: Refuel Peoples' Energies

  • What can you do to add joy?
  • Think about what makes you smile and do that.
  • Don't forget about yourself and doing what you love and not putting it on hold to bring that joy into your life.

T: Transform Your Environment

  • How does your space make people feel?
  • If you make your customers feel joy they will come back to you.
  • For most customers, it isn't about the cost it is about what they felt and what they experienced, and if that was worth the cost to them.
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