The Success Starter Kit


A Face & Body show would not be complete without teaching everyone how they can be their most successful self. That’s why on the final day of the show, Feb. 10, 2020, we brought in Tara Hill Hanover, celebrity stylist and makeup artist, to discuss the method to true success.

The Slippery Slope of Clients

Hanover asked a tried and true question within the spa industry. What is going to set you apart to be successful? She continued to explain that when you get your license and your education that is your first step in building your career road. This is your chance to hit the ground running.

Everyone has lives outside of their careers, including our clients, but our jobs don’t stop. This is why your clients come to you, because you have the power to make them feel better. Hanover continued by saying that our clients are tired just like you are, and you have the opportunity to make them feel better. This can be a blessing and a burden all at the same time. She continued to explain how we create such a personal relationship with our clients, but they are truly there for themselves. This means that even though you might want to tell them about your life because you see them as a friend, you have to realize that you may be ruining part of their experience. They may entertain the conversation, but that isn’t what they are there for.

“You have to treat every single time your client comes like the first time they were there. The competition is steep, and there is somewhere else they could go,” Hanover stated. Make sure you are giving your clients the experience they are paying for to keep them with you.

First Impressions

“We all know the saying that you never get a second time at a first impression, but experts say that within 3 seconds someone has already decided if they like you or not,” Hanover explained. First impressions are very important, and she discussed how Forbes said that nonverbal cues make bigger first impressions than words. Everyone makes assumptions of people.

You already know your brand or at least what you’re working toward in your brand. Hanover moved on to discuss visual branding, and how it’s very important. Your clients are getting their first impression on you and your brand before you even speak to them. She continued to ask some key questions for spa professionals to reflect on:

  • Do you feel that you look the part?
  • Do you feel that other people see you as you see yourself?
  • Are you dressing for the clientele you want or are you getting too comfortable with the clients you have?

Visual Branding

If you are selling great skin, you need to work your hardest to have great skin. If you are selling makeup, you need to come to work with your makeup on. You need to have whatever you are selling because otherwise you will become the plumber with the rusty pipes.

“In a world where we don’t get to slow down, but we are expected to look a certain way because our image is our business, we need to stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready.” – Tara Hill Hanover

Hanover continued to explain that everyone in the beauty industry is their best walking billboard. Your clients will be your best advertisements as well, but making sure you look the part of what you are selling will be the best advertisement you could have. Hanover gave her hot tip of doing certain steps on the back end so that she doesn’t have to worry about it on the front end. For example, if you are selling amazing eyebrows and you get them microbladed that is one less step you have to worry about in the morning.

Social Media is Your Storefront

Hanover created a scenario where you just got a prime piece of property for as spa for free. The only stipulation would be that you have to have it your name, and you would need to have your storefront show your brand. Ask yourself, what would your store front look like? Really visualize what you would do to show off your brand. Now, this is what your social media should look like. Your social media needs to look like your brand’s storefront to showcase who you are. “We are in a world where we have to take advantage of social media, and we need to promote ourselves. However, we are in a world where we have to do it smart,” Hanover stated.

Top Tip #1. Your social media needs to showcase your target market. If you target middle-aged women, don’t fill your social media with girls in their young 20s.

Top Tip #2. Don’t just use images you found on the internet on your social media. Use actual images of your clients to show your work.

Top Tip #3. Stories are huge right now. It may not be comfortable for you, but people want to see that. People love to see the process and the behind the scenes of your life.

Top Tip #4. If you’re going to be active on social media and make posts, make sure you answer your posts too. Make your clients a priority, and try to set 30-minutes a day aside to respond to comments.

Top Tip #5. Don’t succumb to the digital dirt. Don’t go back and forth with people because once something is out on the Internet will never go away. In the world we live in, you have to watch what you say and look the part.

Looking Your Best

Hanover asked the audience what stops people from looking their best. People gave examples like time, fear, skills, kids, money and giving so much to others that you don’t have anything to give to yourself. She explained that everyone has days where we are tired and we just want to put on stretchy pants and stay in bed.

“I only ask that you step in every day feeling like 10. I want you to feel like a 10 every day because that is what you are selling.” – Tara Hanover Hill

However, you don’t have to dress up every day. Just show what you are selling on yourself how you can, and choose your style that fits you. We have been given a gift where we can help people look good and feel better, but what about us? Nobody is ever going to have enough time, and there is nothing easy about that. However, you have to make the time for it and do what you can on the back end because if you look good, you will feel better.

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