Educate to Accelerate for Customer Growth, Trust and Loyalty

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Educational training and the time invested in this crucial part of your business can be erroneously viewed by some in spa ownership and leadership roles as “uncompensated or unproductive time.” More often than not, it is also seen as time invested in staff development that is not easily measured or tracked for palpable benefits. With over three decades of experience in our beloved industry, I can assure you that this perception or mindset can quickly turn into a costly mistake, if left unchecked. The lesson learned can come quickly as leaders often discover that untrained or poorly trained staff members can do irreparable damage to the business. Unfortunately, the damage can also impact the overarching property brand in the case of spas located within hospitality properties like chain resorts, resorts, country clubs, and hotels, even if the spa happens to be operating independently in some cases.

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