#10Things You Can Do to Prevent Bullying


Bullying is the use of force, threat or coercion to abuse, intimidate or aggressively
dominate others, according to Wikipedia. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. Here are #10things you can do to prevent bullying in your spa and workplace.

1. No bully zone

Announce that your space is a no bully zone. Post signs, talk about it in orientation and mention it during your interview process.

2. Address vocabulary.

Discuss vocabulary that is welcoming to everyone. Racial, economical, religious and sexual orientation slang are not tolerated.

3. Open communication

Keep communication open and honest. Employees feel uncomfortable when they are in an environment of secrecy.

4. Keep it cool.

Room temperatures should be between 68-70°F. Overly warm temperatures can cause irritability and aggression in some people.

5. Have enough

Have enough tools and supplies for everyone. The feeling of scarcity can lead some employees to bully others to “get enough.”

6. Level the playing field.

Unhealthy competition that leads to job responsibilities might cause others to be unnecessarily aggressive.

7. Lead by example.

By modeling the process of an anti-bullying culture, your team will see what your company values. Avoid favoritism.

8. Define roles.

Clear expectations of roles and responsibilities will create a space for everyone to focus and contribute.

9. Train your team.

Train your team on what is acceptable and define harassment. Trainings on team building, diversity awareness and bullying prevention will prepare your employees for the day to day and also solidify your commitment to a safe zone.

10. Outline consequences.

Disseminate clear rules. If there is an unhealthy situation, listen, gather information and react with, “We don’t talk that way here.”

Bullies usually feel insecure in their environment. They bully someone who has something they want. If you find a case, address both individuals. Pay attention and protect your space.

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.” –African Proverb.


Bullying Prevention & Intervention and N-lighten Your Journey, Susan M. Swearer

Deedee Crossett

Founder and owner of the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology since 2002, Deedee Crossett is an industry pioneer for raising the bar of undergraduate education for cosmetologists and estheticians. She can be reached at www.facebook.com/deedee.crossett and Twitter @DeedeeCrossett #10things.

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