The Message in Your Hands


There is a message of hope and healing that can be conveyed through the hands of your spa’s team. Instead of being just another average skin care professional, your demeanor and presence can change the atmosphere of the treatment room and spa, while your hands are there to offer words of encouragement and restoration.

Create a healing environment for clients

Have you become so busy that while working on a client you go through the motions, but your mind is a million miles away? Are your movements hurried, rushed and insignificant? Or are you going through the movements on autopilot in a technically correct fashion, but your mind and spirit have disengaged from the therapy?

While your personal life can be challenging at times—sometimes even downright overwhelming—you can take steps to provide a healing place for your clients. If you are in a state that is keeping you from giving what you don’t have yourself, find your own safe and healing place. Be a healer to yourself and allow time to recharge. Otherwise, be intentional about setting aside what you are experiencing to provide a calm, relaxing environment for your client. While working, take a deep breath and become a conduit of positive and healing energy.

Conveying your messages

What is the message in your hands? Do they offer restoration and repair? While working on a young, slightly overweight 20-year-old client, I was moved to let her know that she had an inner radiance and was truly beautiful. The challenge was that this might not be viewed as professional behavior, and would have been downright awkward. To avoid making her—or myself—feel uncomfortable, I decided not to verbalize my thoughts.

Instead, I started to focus and release positive thoughts and energy over her. With long rhythmic, effleurage motions and movements, the word “beautiful” was written on her back. Following the treatment, she remarked how relaxed she felt and then said, “This is so weird, but I just feel so beautiful!” Never, did she hear the whisper of the word “beautiful,” but with an intentional massage she received the message!

Look further than skin deep

We live in such a fast-paced world where we may not know the struggles that our clients are facing, but when they enter your spa you can create an atmosphere of peace from the reception area to their treatment room. Take a moment to clue into your client’s needs during their intake or consultation and make an attempt to create an ideal environment.

Go beyond the acne and hyperpigmentation. Scan past the epidermis and look for the internal scars or the burdens each client you work with is carrying. You may not be able to wash away all the pain, but you can certainly offer a depth of healing that will surpass expectations.

Shift your mindset to match the flow of your movements. If you are feeling hurried, slow down. Visualize your breath going through your body and try to have the client match your breathing. Meditate, find your mantra, and quietly say, “I am calm. I am at peace. I am balanced. All is well within my soul.”

Your body and mind become one and this will set the tone of your therapy. Visualize golden, healing light flowing from your hands as if glorious ribbons were gently cascading the healing over them. Offer a soothing, tranquil treatment while transferring your intention solely onto your client. With every therapeutic stroke, the client is going into a deeper state of relaxation. Not only will her muscles thank you, but her inner soul will burst with gratitude.

The message in your hands will connect with the client, who will receive a profound experience of being intuitively nurtured and restored physically, mentally and emotionally.

Denise FullerDenise R. Fuller is the former editor-in-chief of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa magazine. She is a certified beauty therapist, and licensed esthetician and nail technician. Fuller founded the National Aesthetic Spa Network in 2004, and she is passionate about building relationships, developing partnerships, mentoring and networking to create a stronger industry. She can be reached at [email protected].


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