The Gift of a Challenge

I recently received the gift of an angel food cake pan ... with a challenge: The only way I got to keep the pan is if I made the giver an angel food cake, a notoriously finicky dessert. I took her up on this challenge and, using my grandma’s recipe, I learned a few things along the way. The first lesson: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ... that is, if there is a cure, which there isn’t when yolks invaded the egg whites I had so carefully separated. I adapted, and started separating each egg over a different bowl, then poured the whites into the measuring cup. Another lesson: Life is a journey. Instead of feeling let down, I felt uplifted. I wasn’t going to let a failed egg-separation attempt keep me from meeting this challenge, expanding my abilities and giving back to a friend.

And this leads me to ask you: When was the last time you accepted the gift of a challenge? You learned a lot (or, for some, a little) in esthetics school, then branched out into your career and learned a lot about the realities of the field of professional skin care. Where are you in your journey now? Are you taking the time to embrace your profession and learn as much as you can to continue to make your career a viable one?

The Skin Inc. Silver Anniversary Giveaway

Skin Inc.’s 25-year anniversary celebration continues this month with a chance to win Alpha-Contour from Yon-Ka Paris, a luxury French skin care brand for the face and body that offers botanically based products to promote healthy, fresh, glowing skin. Simply log on to and fill out the form ... 25 lucky entrants will win!

Spread your wings

This month, I am giving you the gift of a challenge: Take an hour, a day or a week during February and March to learn more about something you don’t know in the professional skin care field. This could be an ingredient, insurance, a wellness concept ... anything pertaining to your profession. Utilize your various resources—of course Skin Inc. and—but also reach out to your own personal network to grow your knowledge and enjoy the feeling of spreading your wings just a little bit more. Log on to, and let me know what you got out of the experience. Where will your next step take you?

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