Creating Esthetician All-Stars


Building a staff of sensational estheticians is an invaluable asset to your spa or medical spa. Estheticians not only bring in revenue via services and product sales, but they are the heart of most spa operations. Estheticians usually choose a path in the spa and wellness fields so that they can do work that challenges and fulfills them; they are a highly sensitive and compassionate group. In light of this, it’s crucial to know what this group needs to flourish in the spa setting and which management blunders to avoid to create an outstanding esthetics department.

Curious with a Big Heart

In general, becoming an esthetician is a choice to embark on a beautifying, creative and healing vocation in the service industry. Estheticians are caring and compassionate individuals that like to work one-on-one with the public to help them reach their beauty and wellness goals. Many estheticians have most likely battled with their own skin issues and want to help others in their process.

Estheticians like to work with their hands and are typically not fans of the more rigid “corporate” working style involving a desk, cubicle and heavy computer work. Moreover, estheticians are usually pretty passionate about their vocations. Most choose this career path as either an alternative to college or as a second or third career change option because they are truly motivated by the work. They typically have a vast baseline knowledge about skin care and beauty before they even start esthetics school and many will tell you that they are self-proclaimed “beauty junkies.” Estheticians are curious about wellness, skin health, products, clinical procedures and study ingredient lists like a nutritionist would dissect a food label. They have very specific, science-based training and skills that they want to share with the world all the while making their clients feel relaxed and comfortable.

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Elizabeth Donat, L.E., is the founder and CEO of EMD Skin Solutions. She is a New York State and internationally licensed esthetician with nearly 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. After graduating Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics, Donat worked at some of the most reputable spas and salons in New York City before returning to Atelier Esthetique to work as an instructor. She also worked for Elizabeth Arden and Massage Envy Spas before starting her company.

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