You: The Lifetime Student of Esthetics


When we all finally decided to get into esthetics, most of us were stoked to learn all we could about skin care. We probably surveyed several schools and chose them based on educational merit and reputation. We were excited about our decision and may have soon realized that while the school was great, it did not give us the knowledge that we thought we would gain. Looking back at it now, I see that it is impossible to gather the information I was hoping for in a mere six to 12 months. Whether you graduated your esthetic or skin care program and secured your license one day ago or 30 years ago, I would like all professional technicians to stop and ask yourselves one question. Did I learn everything I will need for the next 10 to 40 years of practice? The answer is an unequivocal no, no matter how great your school was.

It is impossible to receive 30 years of knowledge in six months. This takes time, experience and a consistent willingness to learn and grow. Become a lifetime student of esthetics by taking additional classes, applying the information you have learned in the treatment room and continuing to build on that.

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Cynthia Malcom is the founder and education director of Edgar Renee Aesthetic Education and Consulting Group. Starting in the beauty industry as a nail technician in 1998, Malcom went on to become a licensed esthetician and found her niche as an advanced skin care specialist presenting seminars throughout the U.S. and at the international level. Combining her entrepreneurial spirit with her inspiration to continuously learn, the CIDESCO diplomat has been instructing under the moniker Edgar Renee since 2010. or [email protected].

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