Consumers Prefer Minimalist Skin Care & Midface Aesthetic Treatments: Kline

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Consumers want minimalist routines that make skin feel firm, smooth, hydrated and glowing.
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Kline has released its Emerging Trends in Aesthetic Skin Care: A Consumer Perspective. The report features select excerpts from Kline’s Aesthetic Skin Care Consumer Insights report published in November 2023 and the Multi-site Skin Care and Wellness Destinations report published in October 2023.

According to Kline's report, consumers lean towards minimalist skin care routines that stick to the essentials and provide firmness and hydration. The midface is the most important focal point for non-invasive aesthetic treatments and neck concerns like double chins and sagging skin were the least important point of focus.

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The main consumer skin care goal identified in the report is a desire for skin that is firm, smooth, hydrated and glowing. While most aesthetic skin care users still have an adventurous approach, there is a growing popularity toward minimalism and simplified skin care regimens. Consumers are sticking to the essentials like moisturizers, cleansers, corrective serums and SPF. The most preferred ingredients are vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

Per the report, the mid-face is the primary focal point for non-invasive aesthetic treatments, regardless of age group or demographic. The upper face was the second most important point of focus, specifically forehead lines, wrinkles and temple hollowing. The least important aesthetic concern for consumers was the neck area, including the double chin, horizontal neck lines and sagging skin.

Facial studios and medical spas have been the most dynamic in their outlet expansion, sparking higher levels of foot traffic in 2023, according to Kline's report. Consumers are flocking to fast-growing multi-site outlets like Ideal Image and Heyday that invest in new service technologies and attractive membership models.

The most popular service trends in 2023 were infrared saunas, hair regeneration, IV hydration therapy, cryotherapy, wellness supplement consultations and general health consultations,

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