Dermalogica Introduces the FITE Business Accelerator


Feel more comfortable giving a facial than uploading to Facebook? Better at balancing pH than balancing the books? Dermalogica wants to help change that.

Dermalogica has launched FITE Business Accelerator, a free online interactive course aimed at helping salon professionals cultivate business savvy.

Developed by Dermalogica’s global education team in conjunction with the company’s FITE (Financial Independence Through Education) initiative, the course is open to anyone who studies or works in the professional skin care industry. The curriculum features everything from planning exercises to multimedia experiences, and allows for communication with other professional skin therapists and course moderators.

Among the modules:

  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Building Your Business Blueprint
  • The Business of Customer Service
  • The Business of Marketing
  • The Business of Social Media

The self-placed class takes an estimated 6-8 hours to complete. For more information, visit

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