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They’re in the know, on the go and take an active approach to everything in life. And for marketers, they’re notoriously hard to reach … but you want to reach them. They’re Active Healthy Lifestyles (AHLs), a group that runs close to 77 million strong. So what makes this demographic so special? That’s the topic of a new report by Williams-Helde Marketing Communications.

“Imagine a group of consumers who are active in every aspect of their lives, and are highly influential in the lives of others,” says Marc Williams, the president of Williams-Helde Marketing Communications. “They are educated, high-income and health-focused, and are willing to pay more for things that are important to them, or that they deem as quality.”

The AHL mindset goes beyond just eating healthy or working out. Following are some important facts about AHLs.

  • AHLs are fit, educated and focus on healthy choices … not because they have to, but because they want to.
  • AHLs take an active approach to their media consumption, and are more likely to be online or active in social media.
  • AHLs are considered super-influencers, indexing highly for influence in virtually every category.
  • AHLs like to make well-informed buying decisions, and will choose quality over price.
  • AHLs are less likely to be swayed by traditional advertising and, as such, are harder for marketers to reach.

So how do you communicate with AHLs? Here are some guidelines.

  • AHLs don’t want to be told what to do, or what to think. Provide them with information about the health or emotional benefits of your services, and let them make their own decision.
  • Demonstrate how your services are an important part of an active, holistic lifestyle — and how they help AHLs be at their best physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • AHLs are social in every aspect of their lives, so reach them where they go the most--the gym, in online communities, at local events … the places where you would expect the active and health-conscious to be.

AHL stat sheet: The spa industry

  • AHLs are more likely to have visited a spa/have spa treatments in the last six months than general consumers across almost all spa categories.
  • AHLs are 150.68% more likely than non-AHLs to have visited a day spa in the last six months.
  • AHLs are 103.47% more likely than non-AHLs to have purchased products at a day spa or salon in the last six months.
  • AHLs are 172.82% more likely than non-AHLs to have had a massage in the last six months.
  • AHLs are 188.28% more likely than non-AHLs to have had a facial in the last six months.
Activity participated in (last six months) AHL % more likely than non-AHLs


4.06% 118.28%


10.34% 172.82%

Body treatments

1.03% 71.67%


14.11% 39.43%


17.07% 57.47%


9.78% 42.36%

Other hair removal

2.14% 58.52%

Makeup application/makeover

1.57% 49.52%

Other services

1.05% 8.25%

Visited a day spa

7.37% 150.68%

Purchased products at a salon or day spa

9.97% 103.47%

Want to know more about this on-the-go personality? With 35 pages of in-depth information, including specific audience demographic profiles, buying attitudes, styles and motivations, this report gives an inside look at a powerful consumer base that can take your brand to the next level. Visit to download the full report.

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