Social Media Tools for the Spa


Struggling with social media? We broke down a ton of free social media marketing tools Huffington Post put together for small business owners to help get you started down the right track in becoming the super spa of tomorrow.

Tracking and Analyzing
  • Hubspot Marketing Grader: Simply copy and paste your website address, and this tool gives you a report on your marketing efforts, scoring your social media, SEO, mobile and lead generation.
  • Quick Sprout: Work with Google Analytics? This tool evaluates that data to help improve the content through social media.
  • AdEspresso's Campaign Rater: AdEspresso is similar to HubSpot, but with Facebook ad campaigns. This also lets you compare your ads to the rest of the industry.
  • Uprank: This tool analyzes your website, including mobile accessibility and SEO, and builds an entire digital marketing strategy.
Headline Analyzers
  • Headline Analyzer: If headlines aren't your strong suit, this tool comes up with the most impactful headline based on the one you already have, analyzing the text to create intellectual, empathetic and spiritual emotions within the words.
  • Optimizely: A more in-depth look at headlines, this provides testing for headlines and even variations of headlines with different images to see which generates the most engagement. Use this when you want to know just how far your headlines go.
  • CoSchedule: This works more with blog posts. It takes your blog headline, and analyzes it to give you better results.
Content Tools
  • Portent: You type in your desired subject matter, and it gives you ideas for headlines made for social media, ex. The Skin Care Article of Your Dreams.
  • HubSpot Blog Topic Generator: A tad deeper than Portent, this tool asks for three nouns and spits out a plethora of blog topics just for you--the cure-all for writer's block.
  • National Day Calendar: This is not just Christmas and Velentine's Day. Make sure you use this tool to stay updated with National Cappuccino Day or Plant a Tree Day. Simply sign up and get as many notifications as you like.
  • PostCreator: For when your design skills aren't where you'd like them to be, this tool creates a branded image for social media by you uploading an image, adding a logo and inserting a message.
Editorial Calendars
  • Optimize Book: Too much on your plate? Make some room with this calendar, which organizes your content from day to post down to which social networks to target.
  • Brett Snyder: This calendar works in a promotional strategy as well as keywords, so you know exactly how to target each post.
  • EditFlow WordPress Plugin: If you work with WordPress, this plugin makes it easy for collaboration. It also gives you custom statuses, comments and even a calendar - Day made.
Ad Generators
  • Ad Parlor: Are your ads not generating the traffic you want? This tool tailors your ad for Facebook or Twitter to allow you to preview what will be going to each platform.
  • Banner Ads Creator:Think Ad Parlor, but with pictures. This gives stunning banner ads and graphics, with eye-grabbing pictures and text effects.
Social Media Management
  • Latergram: Already on Instagram? Then this tool is for you. Plan and schedule posts, manage multiple accounts and even work with different members for collaboration. Think Hootsuite for Instagram only. 
  • SocialRank: Working with Twitter and Instagram, this lets you get personal with your followers, keeping track on who engages with your content, who lives where and what they are interested in. It ranks your social followers.
  • Spruce: Anyone on Twitter knows how painful it is to upload an image. This is like medicine for that pain. Spruce gives you images already Twitter-sized, customized with your own blurb. 
  • Riffle: Find out what you are doing right, and more importantly, what you are doing wrong on Twitter. This shows your top hashtags, top mentions, how many retweets and favorites you get per tweet, where your followers come from and daily averages. 
  • Hootsuite: Last but certainly not least, the pièce de résistance in social media. Hootsuite lets you connect multiple accounts, whether those accounts be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ or even WordPress, and allows post scheduling across all of them, detailed reports and ad campaigns and tracking. Many companies swear by it, and with the cute little mascot helping you out, it's hard not to get started.
BONUS: Images and Videos
Image Editors
  • Canva: Drag an image, drop in the frame and out comes a professional social media picture just for you.
  • PicMonkey: Think Photoshop. Not familiar? Think of the ability to edit any picture by adding text, resizing and touching-up. Have too many pictures? Build a collage, too.
  • Recite: Need a quote but want a picture? This tool takes your quote and lets you choose which picture you want with it. Bam.
  • Imgflip Meme Generator: If you're on social media, or even the internet at all, you know memes are always viral. Get noticed and make one yourself with this tool.
Video Editors
  • Avidemux: Supporting different file types, this tool is designed to let you cut, filter and encode videos. Be wary when downloading, as it is in beta, and being updated as we speak... or type.
  • Windows Movie Maker: If you have Windows, you're in luck. This software is included with every version, or just download it and make your own movies.
  • Lightworks: If you want to make a quality video, look no further. This tool has been used in Hollywood productions, and has enough editing tools to keep your head spinning. And it uploads the video at 1080p resolution.
  • WeVideo: Think videos on-the-go, as this has the ability to upload directly to YouTube and offers cloud storage. Mobile video editing is also available.

Here are some quick websites for you to get started searching for some stock photos or videos.

Businesses today cannot survive without social media. Whether the accounts are used to post coupons, promotions, advertisements or just funny blurbs and articles, social media has quickly become an essentiakl part of being successful today. We laid out all the tools for you, and now use them and become the social media maven you always wanted to be.

Source: Huffington Post

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