20 Instagram Marketing Tips for Spas


Instagram is a visually based social media network that allows spas and estheticians to advertise their brand through the images and stories. However, utilizing Instagram to its full potential can be tricky. Here is a list of tips and tricks, adapted from SalonClouds, to get your Instagram soaring.

Always Use Hashtags

  1. Use trending hashtags to widen your scope of people who see your posts. Take advantage of different simple hashtags during the holidays and tag them to your posts.
  2. Use relevant hashtags. Instagram uses hashtags to provide relevant content to individuals searching for a spa or salon. However, it can also view posts that have a lot of non-relevant posts as spam.
  3. Don't over hashtag. While hashtags are definitely your friend, you want to avoid using too many in one post. Instagram puts a 30-hashtag limit on posts, but in some cases using that amount can actually decrease your relevance instead of increase it.
  4. Use location-based hashtags. This can help potential clients searching for spas or salons in your area. You can and should GeoTag your location so that your audience knows where you are located.
  5. Create a unique hashtag for your spa or salon. Use this hashtag with every picture you post to help brand your business. Fun Tip: Ask clients to use this hashtag when posting about a service or treatment they received to help you see who is posting about you.

Play Up Your Photos

  1. Post good quality images. You want to try and achieve blogger-style good quality images, so that everything on your Instagram doesn't look staged and professional. It can be fun to post professional photographs of your spa a few times a year, but creating in-the-moment posts can also receive a lot of engagement.
  2. Post before-and-after photos. These are great for the spa and salon industry. Whether it is a facial or even a hair removal treatment, before-and-after photos are always enjoyed on Instagram. Plus, it gives you a chance to show off the talent of your employees.
  3. Keep your images fun. Don't get caught up in always posting about services and products. Sometimes posting a feel-good photo can also get a lot of response from your audience.
  4. Promotional photos. Create promotional photos to help your audience stay actively aware of different promotional offerings. You can even create specific promotions just for your Instagram following to help increase engagement. 
  5. Create a color scheme. Find a color scheme to include in your photos. This can help with branding and helping to keep a cohesive look on the overall platform.

Make the Perfect Post

  1. Post giveaways. Giveaways are a great way to boost engagement. Giveaways can include anything from a basket of products to a percentage off of a service or treatment. In creating the guidelines, request people like, share, comment or do all three on the given post to help spread awareness of your business. Fun Tip: Using a specific hashtag giveaway can also help you see who is reposting your images and can sometimes become a trending hashtag as well.
  2. Post consistently. Keep your active users engaged on your profile with a consistent posting schedule.
  3. Offer unique treatments. This can help you stand out from the crowd while showcasing your unique services.
  4. Take advantage of Instastory. Whether it's a new product you are loving or a new treatment is available in your spa, Instastory can be a fun way to showcase new offerings.
  5. Use videos and images. Mix up your posts with a video and see how your audience responds.
  6. Repost images from customers. If customers have posted about their service at your spa, repost it and tag them. This can help boost audience engagement and inspire other people to post about their treatments as well.

Engage Your Audience

  1. Convert your Instagram account to a business profile. Doing so allows the account owner to view when your audience shows the most engagement. This can help you decide what times and days to post any big announcements as well as help you stay on a regular posting regimen.
  2. Follow people that follow brands like yours. Who is following other brands you follow that closely match what your brand is about? These individuals already have an interest in the community, and if you follow them, you could get a follow back.
  3. Keep your personality. Ask your audience questions and create fun posts as well as treatment- or product-related posts.
  4. Engage with your audience. The easiest way to get your audience to engage with you is by engaging with them. If you see that someone has commented on your post, like or reply to their comment. Similarly, if someone reposted something of yours, leave a like or a comment to help keep the engagement going. 
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