6 Tips to a Perfect Social Media Picture


During quarantine, staying connected with clients is incredibly important. One way to keep you clients updated on what is going on with your business is through social media. So Jessica Scott Santo, salon owner and influencer, shared her top tips on how to take the perfect photo for your social media. 

Tip #1: Lighting is Key

Lighting is very important when it comes to taking the perfect picture. It shows the true colors of hair or the true look of the skin. Inside lighting can alter the tone or dull the appearance of the skin.

Tip #2: Perfect Your Product

Make sure that whatever you are showing off whether it is an acne treatment, radiance facial, hair service or waxing service that your end product looks perfect. This will help you capture an eye-catching product that will make people stop scrolling and look at your page. 

Tip #3: Know Your Pose

Posing can make or break your picture. Take inspiration from other accounts and experiment with a co-worker on what looks best. This can help to refine your posing style, which can benefit both in branding you and perfecting your picture. 

Tip # 4: Know Your Background

Make sure your background is simple and clean. Avoid having too much stuff in your background as it can be seen as busy and distracting. 

Tip #5: More is Better

Don't be afraid to take a lot of pictures of the same person to showcase the skin or hair. Try different angles to make sure you capture the perfect picture. 

Tip #6: Make Time

If you are taking the after picture for a client make sure to block 15 minutes of extra time into their service to take pictures.

One really good picture or post to social media can generate five more clients for you. 

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