7 Ways to Get More Referrals


During Face & Body Southeast 2020, Lyn Ross L.M.E, founder of Institut' DerMed Clinical Skin Care, shared tips and tricks for creating a successful referral system for attendees' spa and skin care business. 

According to Dun & Bradstreet, the number one small business marketing strategy is to generate word of mouth referral. 

Ross stated that a spa business owner and their team must believe that referrals work and stick to a program. When consistently utilized, referrals can help offset the lost 20% (3% of clients will move away; 5% of clients will develop other relationships; 5% dissatisfied clients; and 7% are not a business' target market).

When to Ask for a Referral

  • After a client has seen a satisfactory result from your services;
  • When you have their confidence, you have the right to ask a satisfied client for two or three referrals; and
  • Ask for a limited number of referrals so you can track them and let your clients know when their referral comes into the spa so you can reward them. 

7 Ways to Get More Referrals

  1. Write and email asking for their help and give them a reward.
  2. When a client refers three friends, they can receive a free service. 
  3. Create a new client welcome packet with cross-marketing coupons.
  4. Collect testimonials from happy clients to post all over business and social media marketing materials. 
  5. Keep in touch on a regular basis. 
  6. Reactivate inactive clients on your list with an offer. 
  7. Law of reciprocity: give referrals to get referrals. 
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