4 Steps to Create a Booming Business


When it comes to creating your business you already have the passion that is backing it up, now you just need a few more steps to make it exactly what you can imagine. Lori Crete, founder of the Beauty Biz Club, brought out four key steps to grow your business when she keynoted the Face & Body Midwest Spa Conference and Expo in Rosemont, IL on July 29, 2019. Crete emphasized that there is no wrong way to utilize the following steps. 

1. Mind Modalities

One key factor that gets in every single spa professional's and business owner's way is their own self doubt. You doubting yourself or telling yourself you can't is the biggest barrier you need to overcome. You have to not only recognize the skills and qualities you have, but you need ot utilize them in your business. 

Have your vission, mission and destiny scoped out. Ask yourself where you want to be in six months, while making sure to not give yourself any unnattainable goals. You need to be wiling to work hard and get yourself out of your comfort zone if you want to succeed. Give yourself a new mindset, and you will have results. 

2. Modern Marketing

"Your marketing needs to be as consistent as your skin care routine," Crete stated as she began discussing the importance of marketing for a successful business. You can't expect to send out a newsletter or do a social post once and get amazing results. Find the best way to reach your clients; one key way to do this is to use micro amounts of information to create a macro impact. 

If you're making a social post about an amazing cleanser, provide a small amount of information about the cleanser and encourage your clients to DM you for more information. Having your clients slide into yoru DMs is going to be incredibly beneficial for your marketing. Do your market research and analyze the data to make sure you are reaching your clients the best way that you can as well as reaching new clients. Ask every one of your clients how they found you when you see them to learn what works. 

3. Scheduling Secrets Revealed

Multiple top female entrepeneurs have similar steps and qualities that they took to grow their success. They first and foremost invested in their self development, seek support, view themselves as professionals, mission to help others and create formulas and systems. Similarly there is a formula to being booked to perfection.

Pre call your clients before they come in for their appointment. This will mean a lot to them and show them that you are taking time specifically just for them. Do a first impression consult, make an impact while you are serving them, follow up with them and market your strategies toward them, and finally assess what did and did not work and repeat this process. 

4. Retail & Customer Care

Nailing your retail strategy is an easy way to bring extra money into your business, but more importantly, you should want to be educating your clients on what to buy because you know what is best for their skin. Again pre call your clients to discuss what they should be buying for their skin before they are even laying on your bed. You have to take time to make that human connection with your clients or you risk sounding like a used car salesmen trying to make some extra money. Don't forget to follow up with your clients as well once everything is said and done to make sure they are as happy as you an make them. 

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