10 Steps to Instagram Success for Med-spas


Connect with your dream clients and keep regulars engaged. Transform your business with Instagram. Learn how to create a thriving Instagram community for your med-spa with this simple guide.

It takes time to build a thriving virtual community. So it’s better to maximize impact on a couple of platforms than spreading yourself thin. As a Med-spa, Instagram is one of your strongest options.


One billion people check Instagram every month, and 81% use it to research products and services. People ages 25-34 are the largest audience. In the United States, women are more likely than men to use Instagram (43% vs 31%). As aesthetics are central, Instagram has become a vibrant place for all things beauty.


Here are your 10 steps for success:


  1. Strategize first


Clearly define your goals and brainstorm what kind of content you will need. Research how your followers use the app, what they post, and what other accounts they follow. Your business account insights can guide you as you go.


  1. Make it polished


Write a bio that makes people want to get to know you. Highlight your specialities and industry awards. Choose a readable logo for your profile picture and include all essential contact details. Keep your brand aesthetic and voice consistent. If multiple people manage your account, you still want everything to appear unified.


  1. Be honest


People are critical of the facade of Instagram. Be inspiring but don’t oversell the fantasy. Give realistic expectations of your procedures and the outcomes of treatments.


  1. Go visual


Make sure you always have good lighting and a steady hand with your camera. Be choosy about photos that live on your grid. ‘Stories’ are an interaction tool. Use them for casual behind-the-scenes content, live updates and polls. Use ‘reels’ to showcase your services and entertain your followers in bite-sized videos.


  1. Link to long-form


Use a tool like linkin.bio or linktree to direct people to your blog for deeper reading. Send them to your website for total clarity on any fine print.


  1. Maximize local exposure


Aim to use 15-30 local hashtags and include your location in every post. Reach out to local news sources and accounts that feature small businesses by tagging them in posts describing your business.


  1. Incorporate User Generated Content


Referrals reign in this industry. Build trust with prospective clients by sharing before and after photos (with consent) and your salon’s glowing reviews. Encourage followers to tag you and mention you in their stories. Instagram automatically alerts you when this happens and will prompt you to reshare.


  1. Post consistently


Once a day is ideal, but choose a level you can realistically maintain. A scheduling app can help.


  1. Interact!


This is what Instagram is really designed for. Warmly respond to comments and DMs. React to your followers' posts. A loyal, engaged following is more important than a large one.


  1. Turn your followers into bookings with the Instagram Book Now Action Button. 


Phorest Salon Software now offers an integration with Instagram and Facebook. Your followers can easily book appointments without ever needing to leave the app.  Interested to see how it works? We'd love to meet you.


Growing your business is our top priority.  For more helpful tips, be sure to complete the form on the right to download our comprehensive guide about using Instagram to grow your business. 


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