Making it Memorable—5 Ways to Brand Your Interior

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Branding your interior means more than simply hanging your logo on the wall behind the reception desk. There are many ways and places to showcase your brand throughout the interior of the spa so clients will remember where they are and what you’re all about.

1. Logo

The logo is what will differentiate one competitor from another. Aside from having your logo on the outside of your business and behind the reception desk, it should appear in every room clients use, even if in a subtle manner.

Options include using a screened, lighter version of your logo, or only using the iconic graphic or tag line.

It’s easy to engrave, embroider, stamp or label items with an adhesive sticker. If full-color printing is not in the budget, black and white, or single color are still effective. The idea is to make a statement with your identity—your logo graphic or icon.

2. Color

Color is a powerful way to embed your identity. Use your logo color or shades of it on at least one wall in each area of your spa, as well as in artwork, accessories, upholstery, linens and packaging. The idea is to envelope the client in your brand. If your logo is black and white, bring in an accent color that you can change annually or seasonally. Paint is relatively cheap!

3. Pattern

If your logo has a graphic or icon, then play it up. Have some wallpaper custom-printed with your graphic and install a strip of it where you want to attract attention. It’s an affordable way to personalize your space and make a statement with your brand. Print tissue paper with a screened version of your icon, repeated in rows across the entire sheet. Create a sculpture out of it for a fun conversation piece.

4. Style

Whether your logo is contemporary, super simple, avant garde, or traditional, this style is part of your brand­—be sure to outfit your interior to support it. Traditional style will utilize symmetrical and old world shapes and patterns with varied textures. Contemporary style uses sleeker and more severe angles, cleaner lines and polished surfaces. Whatever the style, it should be represented in all furnishings, floor coverings, light fixtures and decorative accessories. The aroma and music should also follow suit. 

5. Signage

All signs should coordinate and use a font that is either part of your logo or tagline and advertising pieces. Outlining signs with a signature color or putting your logo in the bottom right corner of the signs will support your brand. Do the same for smaller signs, such as product descriptors and price tags. A well-designed sign system, along with proper placement of signs, brings a level of professionalism to your space, and will improve readership and retention of information.


The sum is truly greater than the parts when it comes to creating a memorable branded interior. Some clients may specifically notice how you use color or the repeated graphic patterns. Others may notice the supportive artwork or coordinated signage. But most will just recognize the overall signature look and realize you are a professional spa that provides great service and quality products.

When you have successfully integrated your brand into your space, you automatically increase the perceived value of your products and services. That in itself is worth the effort. 

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Lyn Falk is a registered interior designer, sustainable design advocate and president of Retailworks, Inc.

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