Spa & Supplier May Anniversaries

Myong Chong, founder and owner of Hanna Isul Skin Therapy Spa and Medical Skin Care in Fort Worth, TX, is celebrating her 30th year of contributions to the skin care industry. Chong has worked to define effective modalities in skin care research and development since 1982, and this year is introducing the Myong Chong Foundation, an organization that will work to serve the world beyond the treatment room. Chong is also launching the Myong Chong Product Line. 866-307-4331

Family-owned skin, nail and hair care manufacturer, distributor and importer, Spilo Worldwide, is celebrating its 70th year in business. To thank its customers, the company is offering special deals and events throughout the year to celebrate the occasion. 800-347-7456

Grafton Cosmetics, a private label cosmetics company, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The family run business, headquartered in Boynton Beach, FL,plans to continue expanding domestically as well as globally. 800-662-5387

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