Salon Sustainability Summit to Debut at America's Beauty Show

If you want to “go green” but are not sure how you can help, plan now to attend the beauty industry’s first Salon Sustainability Summit at America’s Beauty Show, traditionally the Chicago Midwest Beauty Show.

Cosmetologists Chicago defines true sustainability as:
o Continued economic development to sustain our businesses
o Social progress to support and protect our communities
o Active and involved concern for the environment

The Summit begins with a box lunch (totally packaged in compostable materials!) and an intriguing overview by green marketing veteran and professor Darrin Duber-Smith. He will separate trends from fads in green marketing and illustrate countless opportunities for embracing a more sustainable and socially responsible business model for your salon.
Then, a star-studded line-up of panelists covering all facets of Salon Sustainability takes you through a whirlwind afternoon of eye-opening information. You can eartn 4 CE hours and gain a new outlook on how your spa, and you personally, can participate in sustaining our world for future generations through our efforts we make today and tomorrow.
Notable panelists include: John Donato, Eric Fisher, Mary Beth Janssen, David Raccuglia, and Frederic Holzberger!  Plus, expert representatives from leading corporations that incorporate sustainability factors into the products you use every day.

The day ends with the inimitable Geno Stampora tying the full discussion together and motivating you to bring what you’ve learned back to the spa to make sustainability part of your own life. Complete details and registration information are available at

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