Canadian Dermatology Association to Launch Skin of Color Learning Series


The Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) launched a new accredited continuing education program for certified Canadian dermatologists, The Skin Diversity Learning Series: Expanding Perspectives in Dermatology. 

Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health in Canada, the program is the CDA’s first program designed to expand and update dermatologists’ knowledge of diverse skin types, helping ensure all patients receive representative, optimal care.

“The Skin Diversity Learning Series is an important step forward in advancing the CDA’s diversity and inclusion commitments,” said Dr. Catherine McCuaig, president, Canadian Dermatology Association. “It’s important for Canadians of all skin types to know that as dermatologists, we see you. Your skin matters! We’re educating ourselves to be a part of the solution when it comes to health inequities by providing knowledge-based representative care. Just as continuing medical education is a lifelong pursuit, taking the time to understand the biology of diverse skin and issues affecting those of different backgrounds is crucial to our development.” 

The program will include six learning modules covering areas of care for diverse populations:

  • Understanding all aspects of skin color
  • Common skin and nail conditions
  • Textured hair and hair loss in people of color
  • Skin cancer and sunscreen in dark skin tones
  • Pediatric dermatology and issues specific to dark skin tones
  • Aesthetic dermatology in dark skin tones
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