October Offers Pomegranate Glow Facial from SenSpa


Throughout the month of October, SenSpa will be offering the Pomegranate Glow Facial. Using Celluma LED light therapy, this facial both hydrates and refreshes the skin by gently removing the dry and overpigmented part of the skin from the summer months.

This facial is beneficial for sensitive, dehydrated, aging, oily and combination skin types. The Celluma LED light therapy aids in anti-aging and skin calming during the treatment. It also assists in decreasing inflammation and repairing tissue damage. The Pomegranate Glow Facial increases cell turnover to bring new skin to the surface.

SenSpa understands that the customer’s skin is a reflection what food they’ve eaten, their exposure to the environment and the genetic amount of makeup they wear. This spa offers a full system of treatments to care for whatever skin type the customer comes into the spa with. Along with their other treatments, this Pomegranate Glow Facial will release, restore and revitalize the skin.

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