Skinbetter Science Debuts in Clinical Skin Care


New to the clinical skin care market is skinbetter science, a company started by Restylane pioneer Jonah Shacknai. The brand, which will be sold through esthetic physicians, was introduced with two anti-aging platforms: The Smoothing Experience and The Regenerating Experience. 

The Smoothing Experience is three anti-aging products (line filler, eye treatment and facial treatment) that include InterFuse technology to transport topical skin care actives into the skin faster and deeper where it is needed the most.

The Regenerating Experience combines an alpha hydroxy acid and a retinoid through double conjugation in the company's AlphaRet complex to rejuvenate the skin for noticeable anti-aging effects without irritation.

"We are committed to developing and bringing to market cutting-edge skin care products with unsurpassed effectiveness, safety and elegance and a luxury consumer experience, available exclusively through our authorized physician partners," stated Shacknai.

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