Cancer Training Made Wellness Inititative


Wellness for Cancer has been made an initiative by the Global Wellness Institute, as few spas have trained or have invested in training to enable staff to treat those who have had or are recovering from cancer.

Wellness for Cancer is an online cancer awareness training for spa professionals and mindfulness-based stress transformation programs for cancer survivors, health professionals and caregivers. The initiative is focused on improving the client's well-being, not providing disease care. To that end, it will focus on helping these clients reduce stress and find inner peace. Wellness for Cancer’s digital training launched globally with cancer specialists from Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson and University of Colorado.

The co-chairs of the initiative include Julie Bach, who also serves as executive director, and Feliz Lopez. Bach has been a spa owner since 2001, is a health coach, yoga teacher and a HeartMath certified trainer. She has also created a task force within the initiative to teach spa owners how to look at their products, and what to say to clients.

Felix Lopez is a spiritual leader and a mindfulness and meditation teacher at the Jhana Center. Drawing on his path as a former Buddhist monk, energy healer and as an artist, Lopez offers a unique perspective on mindfulness for leadership, stress management, mental well-being and daily living.

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Additional members include Brent Bauer, M.D.; Cristine Clinton, Sibyl Cryer, Michelle Hammond and Mariela Silveria, M.D.

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