Are You Losing Customers Due to Retail Packaging-related Waste?


Consumers hate packaging-related waste and will switch brands to avoid it, according to a survey from LiquiGlide.

The worst offenders? Shampoo, lotion and toothpaste.

Consumers in the survey were overwhelmingly concerned with wasting product, wasting money and feeling taking advantage of.

Consumers self-estimated they lost as much as $50 each year from product waste related to uncooperative packaging. The survey noted, "Beyond money concerns, 20% of respondents said it’s the principle of the matter that they should get everything they paid for, and 16% cited environmental concerns."

The report continued, "More than two-thirds (69%) say they hesitate to open a new package when there’s still a tiny bit left in the previous one."

Most respondents, it turns out, will switch brands to access more efficient packaging:

  • body lotion, 74%
  • toothpaste, 71%
  • laundry detergent, 69%
  • shampoo, 68%
  • conditioner, 67%








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