Dermalogica Meaningful Connection Course


Dermalogica has introduced an industry-wide training program to help strengthen client communication based on scientific principles of happiness and connection.

The Meaningful Connections Certification course includes resources and data from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California Berkeley. The course equips service industry professionals with strategies to improve their own emotional intelligence and develop meaningful client connections.   

“As the leader in skincare education, one of our core values is human touch,” said Tabby Zamani, Dermalogica Head of Global Education. “It felt natural for us to fill an educational gap in the industry by creating a course that will empower service professionals to navigate emotional, challenging conversations during these unprecedented times. The world has shifted: mental health has taken on more significance than ever before, and the power of human touch is more precious than ever.”

 Topics covered in the course include:  

  • Activating listening skills and being radically present to enhance client communication, especially during vulnerable or emotional conversations
  • Body language guidance and tips on how to tune into clients’ nonverbal cues – even when they’re wearing a mask
  • Practicing positivity by utilizing eustress (beneficial stressors) to change a negative thought into a positive one
  • Breathing exercises and supporting materials to assist with managing emotions
  • Vagus nerve activation massage techniques to help guide clients toward a state of peace and tranquility
  • Gratitude, a powerful practice that is scientifically proven to enhance serotonin and dopamine and lead to happiness

 “It’s no longer enough for brands to simply teach product knowledge and customer service,” Zamani continued. “There’s a real need to elevate our own expertise, and to provide industry professionals with the tools to strengthen their emotional intelligence and cultivate lasting relationships. With this course, we’re proud to share eight guiding principles that will support meaningful connections – both during and after the pandemic.”  

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