6 Ideas to End the Year Strong at your Spa

finish the year spa strong

As the year comes to an end, Elizabeth Donat, a licensed esthetician, has six tips to finish the year strong at your spa or medspa.

In an article for Mutli Briefs by Donat, who is licensed in the state of New York and internationally in more than 30 countries, she explains how to make sure you end the year strong, through tips such as virtual parties and connecting locally. 

Customer Appreciation

Finding ways to give back to your clients and community is a great way to show your appreciation. From starting a food drive to donating to a charity, the community's support of your business is important. 

Client support is also crucial so finding ways to say thank you can mean a lot. Hosting a customer appreciation event during the holiday is a great way to give back to customers who have been there this year.

Retail Promos

During the holidays, arrange some festive displays of gift options. Include a variety of price ranges and even gift-wrapping services or festive bags by the checkout. 

Even sending discounts out through email, newsletter or social media can entice clients to grab a few products on their way out.

Reach out Locally

As a small business, look toward the neighborhood this holiday season. Offer discounts to neighboring businesses and ask if you can promote your business within theirs and vice versa.

People are looking to support small business and avoid the crowds, so use that as an advantage. Promote Black Friday deals that can be ordered online, via phone and curbside pickup.

Work with Vendors

Sometimes vendors are able to gift products to you that you can pass on to your clients. Other times, they can donate equipment, tools or enhance your retail displays. Maybe you'd like to run a contest for a giveaway that your vendor can provide assets for.

Free Service Upgrades

From complimentary service upgrade, to a free product or just extra time, clients love "free" and you can offer this without hurting your business. 

"To explain, if you have overstock of a certain chemical peel solution, hand lotion, or a hydrating mask you can add on a free peel treatment, hand massage upgrade or mask without it breaking the bank. Or, if your client is already getting a facial massage or microdermabrasion, you can offer to add on an area or give more time to the treatment. This costs virtually nothing, but it translates to more pampering and greater results for your clients! Giveaways like these will cost you very little but will be a huge value-add for your clients to entice them to come in for treatments and fill your books!"

Virtual Parties and Giveaways

This has been the year of virtual meetings, so create a happy hour or party for clients to reconnect with you and your staff. Send out invites via email and encourage an RSVP. You can chat about topics in skin care and offer prizes, discounts and giveaways for attendance to your event. 

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