Economic Wellness Becomes Top Concern During Pandemic


If we have learned anything during COVID-19, it is that we have to adjust to a new normal now. Part of this adjustment is going to come from the fact that COVID-19 brought a large portion of the global economy to a halt, which has not ever happened before. 

It's safe to say with the rise of unemployment and the general state of most of the world, everyone's well-being is in a fragile state right now. The Global Wellness Institute dove further into this concept to see what we could expect from the future with COVID-19.

Economic Wellness

Oftentimes, when you think wellness your brain does not naturally link money or economy to it. However, research has shown that a loss of income or job loss is often accompanied with a lower self esteem, a loss of social networks and a loss of a healthy daily routine. Tyler Norris, chief executive of the Well Being Trust, even stated that for every percentage increase in unemployment, there is a 3.5% increase in opioid addiction in the U.S. 

All of this to simply say that the global pandemic's economic struggle will undoubtedly transfer into an overall mental health, drug use and well-being struggle. 

Plans for the Future

The Global Wellness Institute has made a prediction for the foreseeable future that certain issues will arise. These issues include:

  1. Economic well-being,
  2. Financial wellness and
  3. Mental health.

Not only should this be in the forefront of everyone's mind moving forward to try and keep wellness as high as possible during the pandemic, but it is predicted that policies will begin to be put into place by the government to keep any negative impacts on these issues to a minimum. 

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