ISPA Releases Spa Reopening Toolkit


The International Spa Association (ISPA) released a Spa Reopening Toolkit that provides resources to guide the spa owner through safely opening their spa back up when their government allows them to do so. The items included in the toolkit are customizable, which allows for all spas of different sizes, locations and types to create a plan that follows the guidelines put in place by their government. 

ISPA notes that as the situation progresses the toolkit will continuously be added to and grow in the weeks ahead. 

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Included in the Spa Toolkit:

  • Spa Reopening Checklist: This checklist will be the spa owners guide as they develop a reopening strategy. This checklist includes a set of communication templates to assist spas in their marketing efforts. 
    The checklist is broken down into categories including: Laws and Regulations, Human Resources, Staff Policies, Staff Resources/Training and Education, Treatments and Offerings, Bookings & payment, Guest Arrival, Purchasing and Supplies, Facility and Sanitation. It also provides a reopening press release template and a reopening guest email template. It also includes a confirmation and pre-arrival email that details hours, sanitation and other changes that may have been made post quarantine. 
  • Spa Sanitation & Hygiene Standards: This document provides an overview for the necessary hygiene and sanitation standards that will need to be considered prior to reopening. This document will continue to be updated as standards grow and change.
    This document includes a detailed checklist of what needs to be taken care of on a sanitation standpoint prior to reopening as well as after reopening the spa. There are also sanitation standards lined out for during treatments and services and in case of employee sickness.  
  • Spa Sanitation & Hygiene Commitment: All spas who commit to ISPA's sanitation standards are encouraged to display this visual on their website or in their spa somewhere.
  • Downloadable Customized Templates: This is for the spa owner looking to print signs or visual displays with messages relating to sanitation, distance requirements, etc. 

Note from ISPA: "These resources do not supersede any laws under which your spa operates. Always follow the health and sanitation regulations established by your local, state or national governments. All ISPA guidelines, templates and resources should be reviewed by your legal counsel prior to use and distribution to ensure they are in compliance with the laws of your respective governing body. The resources are meant to be customizable with applicable components being used as deemed appropriate by each individual spa location."

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