Six Senses Singapore Launches Spa Pods


The Six Senses Maxwell introduced five spa pods and two relaxation rooms that work to deliver holistic experiences that will boost guests' well-being. These spa pods and relaxation rooms are designed to be an "urban sanctuary" in Singapore to allow guests to enjoy the sound of silence in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. 

“Created in line with the brand’s commitment to incorporating wellness into each guest experience, the spa pods bring globally celebrated Six Senses rituals to Singapore’s urban community. Our wellness partners have put together a menu of treatments and activities which deliver positive and lasting benefits so that every guest finds harmony and balance from the inside out,” explained Murray Aitken, general manager of Six Senses Singapore.

These spa pods are decorated to match the property's 19th century aesthetic with a modern twist. The spa will feature Traditional Chinese Medicine and massage techniques as well as a locally-inspired wellness retreat (135 minutes, $220). There is also a Cleansing Retreat (150 minutes, $258) that incorporates body and facial treatments while also including a detoxifying drink, yoga and wellness lunch. 

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