Massage Heights (Dry) Brushes Up its Menu


Massage Heights has added a new service to its retreat menus nationwide: dry brushing.

During the service a licensed massage therapist applies a dry brush to the skin, brushing in slow, circular motions or light strokes in an effort to refresh skin and boost energy.

The movements of the bristles help to clean pores and remove dead skins through exfoliation; when combined with massage the treatment also relieves stress by reducing muscle tensions and aids in circulation by stimulating the digestive and lymphatic system.

“On the heels of our 15th anniversary, Massage Heights has continued to place strong value to build a family-centric wellness brand dedicated to elevating the overall well-being of our guests,” said Shane Evans, co-founder and president of Massage Heights. “Dry brushing offers a variety of benefits that are proven to promote mental and physical wellness. The add-on treatment perfectly complements our current offerings, and we’re excited to roll it out.”

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